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 Back Home 2017

Back Home

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Back Home is the 7th independent studio album from Mercy Creek.  The tracks were cut at White Arc Studio in Bloomington, Indiana during the spring and summer of 2016 with the band’s producer, friend, and mentor Paul Mahern.  Back Home is not only the 7th studio album from Mercy Creek, it is also the 7th recording with Paul Mahern.  Back Home was featured as CD of the Week on WHRO's "Out of the Box" with Paul Shugrue shortly after being release in May of 2017.    

The 11 songs on Back Home were chosen from a grouping of over 25 new songs Cheryl and Jim had written since their last studio sessions in 2008.  The songs are fully produced with instruments ranging from bass, piano, organ, pedal steel, and electric guitar to thumb organ creating what

WHRO's Shugrue says is "instantantly recognizable music, and Mercy Creek's best album". 

Back Home begins with "Ain't No Time Baby", a song written by the couple for each other, and is followed by "Fire on the Island", written while walking the beaches of Okracock and Hatteras Islands, of North Carolina.  Themes of home and comfort are struck from the first lyrics of the album, and run thru other songs such as the rocker "While the Sun is Still Shining", and a playful "Halloween Candy" featuring a comforting 50’s down home country vibe.   Other songs such as

"Constant Crisis", "Distracted", and Where I'm Living Now" take on the never ending distractions of our information age, and the too frequent hard life of a musician.  Reflective songs such as "Choices and Voices", "Beat Up Truck", and "Caught Up in the Show" continue to speak to the comfort of places each of us need, and the album ends with Paul Mahern's reggae inspired Dub mix of "Constant Crisis".

Producer Paul Mahern is an American rock and pop record producer, mixing and mastering engineer, singer, songwriter, professor, and yoga teacher.  Paul has been the band's producer, friend, and mentor since 1999. 

Musician Heidi Gluck not only played a variety of instruments such as bass, piano, pedal steel, and organ on Back Home, she has also played on previous Mercy Creek albums.  She is a multi-instrumentalist solo artist, singer-songwriter, producer, and studio musician based in Kansas City.

Electric guitarist David England resides in Bloomington, Indiana.  He plays electric guitar in the band *Ask with Paul Mahern, and in the band Gentleman Caller.

Make A Memory 2013

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This 2013 studio release was recorded with Paul Mahern at White Arc Studios in Bloomington, Indiana.  Features “It Only Takes One”, “Go On Little Child”, “Nothing to Lose”, “Decisions”, “Follow Through”, “Did You Ever Notice”, “Oh No”, “Slow Down”, “All Around Me”, and “Waiting for The Perfect Life”.   The band met artist Star Root,  the CD’s cover art painter, while performing in Floyd, Va.  The songs were produced by Paul MKS Mahern with Mercy Creek, and was mixed and mastered at White Arc Studios by Paul.  Photography by Amy Maloney and Cheryl Nystrom.  All songs written by Mercy Creek, and all instruments played by Cheryl Nystrom and Jim Ball.  Paul MKS Mahern background vocals on “It Only Takes One”.                    

"Live at OBX" 2010 release. $15.00  

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Mercy Creek "Live at OBX"

We have had many wonderful experiences performing at festivals thru the years. The fun and enegry of a big Mercy Creek sound was captured by Vinton Fountain at OBX Brew Station in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Vinton has extensive experience as a live sound engineer, working in Boulder, Colorado at the Fox Theatre, touring with Leftover Salmon running monitors, running sound on the annual Jam Band Cruise, and dialing in many bands at The Outer Banks Brew Station. Many thanks to Vinton for helping Mercy Creek capture our live sound!

 "Another Place to Start" 2008 release. $15.00  

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The 2008 Mercy Creek CD, "Another Place to Start" was recorded in Bloomington, IN with Paul MKS Mahern at White Arc Studios. This disk strikes an acoustic chord with ten new Mercy Creek songs. Featuring the familiar guitar, drum, and vocal sound fans of the band have come to love, the songs are are laced with organic instruments. Mandolin, banjo, tribal percussion, jug, jaw harp, and udo are produced melodically thruout the disk, all supporting the Mercy Creek sound. All instruments were recorded by Cheryl and Jim. Features the crowd pleasing tune "Green Beans"....feel free to play along with your spoons!

 "Bonfire of Vanities" 2 CD set. $15.00  

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   A double album, featuring 10 new studio tracks on disk 1, and 11 live tracks on disk 2. Recorded in Bloomington, Indiana by Paul Mahern at Echo Park Studios. "Bonfire of Vanities" is a hallmark album for Mercy Creek.

The studio album(disk 1, "Bonfire of Vanities") features production and recording work of Paul Mahern on 10 new Mercy Creek songs and adds another fine studio recording to our music catalogue. Tracks span from "Born to Rock" an ac/dc hard "Freedom" exploring a calypso hippy world groove and theme. "Treasure" a feel good saddle up swing alt-country take time to smell the roses, "I'll Find a Place" banjo foot stomping gospel fun, and "Take it Away" a dreamy sorrow tinged middle eastern oddesy. Vess Ruhtenberg plays electric guitar and bass and Paul Mahern's production is first class. 

"Storm Has Blown Over" $15.00

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10 Tracks: Mastered at SEA Digital, Mixing Echo Park Studios, Production Paul Mahern, All songs Mercy Creek, Additional Musicians Vess Ruhtenberg, Heidi Gluck, and Megan Weeder.

"Storm Has Blown Over" is the new release from Mercy Creek. This is a warm body of music, positive and up beat. Mandolin and violin lead some tunes into hints of new grass, while songs such as "Hypnotized" and "4th of July" continue to cut into the band's progressive folk rock traditions. "Closer" is a haunting of pedal steel and train groovy beat against Cheryl's vocals. "Outside the Line", "Storm Has Blown Over", and "Half Way There" play out anthems of hope for the future.  

"Dirty Water"


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"Dirty Water" finds Mercy Creek hitting it's stride as writers and recording artists. A John Cale blues experience, Credence Clearwater Revival meets hippy hop...raw....aggressive folk rock... Once again working with Paul Mahern in Indiana at Echo Park, Mercy Creek worked on this album during the spring and summer of 2001. Production by Mahern, Ruhtenberg, and MercyCreek. 12 original tracks. 

"name of the record is mercy creek" $15.00

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11 Tracks: Mastered at SEA Digital, Artwork Nvision, Mixing Echo Park Studios, Production Paul Mahern, Additional production Mercy Creek, All songs Mercy Creek, Additional Musicians Vess Ruhtenberg, Paul Mahern. The original Mercy Creek work, "name of the record is mercy creek" was recorded in 1999 at Echo Park Studios in Bloomington, Ind. Produced by Paul Mahen and Mercy Creek, the disk was dispersed using hand painted CDR's created by the band. The disks were a limited edition which contained 10 unmastered tracks. Hand painted versions of this disk are no longer available. The album has now been mastered, and an additional track, "Almost a Dance Mix", with grooves from DJ DNA 12 added.




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