Mercy Creek® Lyrics

from "name of the record is mercy creek", "Dirty Water", Storm Has Blown Over", "Bonfire of Vanities", "Another Place to Start" and “Make a Memory”


"the name of the record is mercy creek" 1999


Never Forget (track 1)

Beyond the road of separation lies the tears for all the times

We formed as one received the knowledge of our teachers minds

From day to day our friendship grew strong and after a while we knew we belonged

Some memories will fade but most remain within our minds until we meet

At a reunion or if we're crossing paths along the street

Roads must diverge to make their way creating paths rejoined someday


Never forget these things you learned put behind you all that binds you

Have no regrets when you return I recommend you tell your friends to

Keep in touch throughout the years while holding back the longing tears

You wish them well along the way


Spreading our wings we make indentions in this world in which we've grown

We're silencing this generation's apathetic drone. Weeding the ground on which we stand

We're making changes in this land


Almost (track 2)

I am almost drowning in the waking crest of your unending sea

I am not who I'm suppose to or who I ever want to be

Trapped in by judgement I only see the tragic expectations

In this world and in this lie in which I stride


Everything you ever wanted  all that you desire to be

 Everything you ever wanted you have molded into me


My feet are three sizes too small to fit into the shoes

You laid in front of me before I had the chance to choose

Serrated pursued beneath the table of my youth

And all this comes in as it comes as no surprise


My individuality means more to me

Than you have time to look for or that you'll ever want to see


Laughter in the Rain (track 3)

My walls are falling down I'm built up where love abounds

And you knew I could change but at the time you thought it was strange

That love's taking it's toll and in my heart you have a new role


You smiled at me and gave me tranquility

You pulled me out out of my pain

Cause you are my laughter in the rain


Daily I see in you a love that has made me new

I float in your embrace renouncing my pain without a trace

You give me all that I need and I give back taking your lead


Ms. Virginia (track 4)

Perfect little day job gorgeous wife and kids

You were tiered of the good life you always wondered what you missed

Sometimes the small temptations get crushed by faithfulness

But they often overcome you as you fail the loyalty test


And I stand here watching you kill

What it took you a lifetime to build

Disregarding all of us

When you made the exchange from love to lust


You went out every weekend left your family at home

Made calls of inconvenience on the strip clubs telephone

But you don't call it cheating at least till the day you're caught

Lost everything you needed and got everything you want


*Forever must have been a little longer than you thought it was

Forever must have been a little longer than you thought


Stand there lonely little baby he's coming at you with a kiss

 I see this blessed union he always said did not exist

But you won't see me crying I'm not gonna waist my breath

Take care of Miss Virginia if she hasn't left you yet


Match and a Conversation (track 5)

She strikes a match and a conversation she longs to leave her world behind

It was a constant confirmation of her frantic state of mind

Drinking rum down to the bottom in these seven years gone by

Its just another day, it's just another night, its just another low down high


Entertain us baby would you take me by the hand

I could be your kind of woman if you are my kind of man

Promenade us darling, in the center of the room

You know the stars will fade as the night degrades

And reality resumes


She's really getting in the groove now she feels the bass vibrate her toes

Could have been a nighttime player as far as anybody knows

Sinking lower to the bottom as the hazy night goes on

She'll fix her face again, she'll find a place again

They watch her flaunt her silicone


A Part of You (track 6)

I gave you all I am you gave me everything

Except the one I wanted most I asked for a part of you

In turn for all my love you turned away I watched you boast


Why are you waiting there? Why are you so confused?

Why can't you make up your mind and choose?

I don't mean to rush you but you're breaking my heart again

Are we two lovers or are we even friends?


You turned and walked away you told me just to wait

While you were making up your mind well you better decide fast

My patience will not last and you will just get left behind


Sparked Fire (track 7)

You burn crazy, like a sparked fire throwing on the fuel

There is this, everlasting music in your soul


 Music is flowing so gracefully from your lips

And all from the sidelines watch you slip

Rhythm is singing a new song on your guitar

Is it heard past the walls of this bar?


 I hear music from the back room down the smoky hall

Have another, fire water hear your demons call

All this before you but your unaware or maybe you don't care at all

Some other bright fortune for some other man maybe you don't care at all


Your on empty running too far wild side's brightest song

There is this, everlasting music in your soul

Is it heard past the walls of this bar? Is it heard past the walls of this bar?

Only heard past the walls of this bar


Drawn to the Fire (track 8)

Drawn to the fire? I once said to those little boys

You're gonna taste those burning lights coming by home

And you're only title was free it was further understood to be the only light yea


Transit desire meticulously folding you're gonna taste dissolving winds drifting by home

A little more than you wished a little less now you're in

So now the meat hooks set the cravings can't forget

And it's a long, long way from over yet


Dismantled disillusioned disarrayed

Disabled by the choices you have made


Drawn to the fire? Been here many times before

Raise and burn those fire wings that took you back home

Put on your recital for me it was constant motion beneath the mile line


Should I inquire of these mystic treasures you have found

Underneath the ocean's skin that you have made home

You had to be what you've been and now it tears through your skin

So now the meat hooks set the cravings can't forget and it's a long, long way from over yet


Lost Love Hearts (track 9)

She thinks so often how she held his hand the shimmer of his laugh and smile

Gone forty nights and days to the sea waves rise and fall for miles

White sails upon the distance break her view the winds will bow her tired hair

Winds carry sail and lonely cries when lost love hearts despair


Fly over the ocean space the seas dance tonight

Far from a warm embrace dreams fade in morning light.


He was to be a mighty sailor man the harshness of this life deceived

He'd soon be coming back to her how could she have believed?

To fight for colors bright and waving long the blood has spilled in foreign lands

Been forty years of hate and war lives lost with shrug of hands.


Down by the shoreline salt from the heart mine

Trails from the skyline swears it's the last time


She dreams she's flying higher than the clouds the colors spin and hold her cares

She'll wait for him 10,000 years when lost love hearts despair


Shadow Dance (track 10)

Take a moment of your precious time to figure out what is real

You're sheltered in your perfect life under your man's heal

Take a minute of your precious time to cover up your mistakes

Your spotless image still remains no matter what it takes


You're trapped inside this burning trance

You close your eyes when shadows dance


Take your hair out of this living room. You're still all that he owns

You shine your lantern down the hall so he can get to his thrown

Don't know what it is you're looking for, but you haven't found it yet

Spent all your time in comforts arms built up on regrets

All "name of the record is mercy creek " songs copyright and published 1998/1999 Mercy Creek, LLC. All rights reserved


 "Dirty Water" 2000

Life in Review (track 1)

Did you decide to break, did you decide to bend

Did you hover on being alone

Could it be possible to revile yourself as something other than an idoled clone


And I was hoping something would change we all know your range my friend

And I was hoping that wasn't you life in review my friend


Who will decide your fate plan out your every move

Are you what the team contrived will there be any end

The things you will do before you say I have arrived


Can you appreciate can you remember when

You swore that you would not conform

So now you are a star it's undeniable that you'll be infinitely torn


Dirty Water (track 2)

Great discussions they fill the air tonight I was waiting for some life changing insight

Grand encounters and inhibitions they fade away while you ring on daddy's bill

This time is yours to kill


Talk pours cheap like dirty water you're anticipating

An unwanted list of things you'd alter you're pontificating


Explanations will be the answer of destinations left yet to be explored

Quick creations and spinning stories misinformation drip torture from the hill

This time is yours to kill


Bold eruptions important views distill

Never knowing how life unfolds until

This time is yours to kill


West of Bluefield (track 3)

West of Bluefield life was simple just a handshake and a smile

Were the only things she needed not this social sense of style


She's in the bright lights standing taller

Now that she finally found her scene

She'll make a stunning transformation

Saying goodbye Mabalene


A fine family reputation a touch of class and symphony

Were the only things she needed to deserve their company


West of Bluefield life stays simple with a down home guarantee

She has everything she needs and and that's as real as she'll ever be


Circles( track 4)

From the first time I looked at your face everything seemed out of place

It's crazy take it easy

Steal trap your jaws are sealed before this is over

We'll be crazy take it easy


You were always saying something that I told you that I like to hear

Draw me round in circles in confusion problems disappear

Letting blindness in because I hate what you have become

Not alone, no I'm not the only one


You got a condescending smile you're in a state of self-denial

It's crazy, take it easy

You know the words help spin the tale so many bodies in your trail

It's crazy, take it easy


Sacred Danger Zone( track 5)

Your gonna love the way you move me your gonna love the way I talk

And all the changes I have made since you've been in the Deer side park

And every time I came to see you slipping further in the black

Increase the pressure of life to you as your shell begins to crack


You know I can't promise you the things that you need to hear

I gotta keep moving on my own

Don't even try blaming me your hand is in what you see

You made it my sacred danger zone


Everyday you read my letters I know you dream to hear my voice

You know the cold steal that you're feeling is the result of your choice

The rod they tear apart your heart with the rod they use to beat you down

It never crosses through my thoughts as I go riding through this town


The Only One( track 6)

Beside you I'm looking for the best reflection

Satisfied by looking for the world, looking for the world


This is a lovely feeling terrified of the meaning

Can not see that you could be the only one

What is this doing for us living a life to bore us

Can not see that you could be the only one, the only one


Leave me speechless waiting for some noble action

Paid the price by waiting for the world

Waiting for the world


* Once you leave you can't come back you are a stranger in your former shack

You can never go back home

I know this must be a surprise but it must be better than you tell me lies

You came to find out why


Watching, waiting can't you feel this great disaster

Wrestles distance can't you feel alive, can't you feel alive?


Taking a Ride( track 7)

Three miles outside this county line Flashing chrome making highways whine

He's gonna ride, yeah he's gonna ride

When the Rpm's are pegging red thrill of speed breaks fear like Hunter said

He's gonna ride, yeah he's gonna ride he's gonna ride


Still believing you've got your freedom

Not deceiving your hearts emotion

May get even you may get closer

Just by taking a ride


He though the rules were made to violate he was everything her mamma hates

You wanna ride, do you wanna ride?

He's got fourteen rings upon his hands and slash marks on his leather pants

You wanna ride, do you wanna ride you wanna ride?


Throttle up as the backdoor slams life laid out oh these changing plans

We gonna ride yeah we gonna ride

I never knew the air could smell this good though I'd never leave that neighborhood

We gonna ride yeah we gonna ride we gonna ride


City Walls( track 8)

Smoke and fire your bridges span you were dealt a loosing hand

Hard to be the best you can hanging around with a rambling man


City walls, city walls, to the great withdraw

Undeniable, been too long since I felt them fall


In this town the same old same you are what they all became

Swore you'd never play their game wing-tipped shoes with a different name


*Perfect ending, ending upside down treading water trying not to drown

It is clear to me that you won't care until I find another dream to share


Check out lines and star reviews the empty things that you pursue

Can't stop overdue stress and strain for your daily view


What's Your Vibe( Track 9)

A studied entrance into the scene strait from some fashion magazine

Checking in the mirror as you walk by got an image you need to imply

I'm making time my love I'm making time

Destinations firmly in my grasp no concern at all for making it last

You know that I am always on my mind got a style meticulously designed

I'm making time my love I'm making time


Hey little girl did you see me tonight

Slowly you turn did you want me tonight

I could be fantasy if you need me tonight

Hey now what's your vibe


You know that Absolute brings out your best the only way to separate you from the rest

Light a cigarette begin to unwind scoaping out the ladies bathroom line

I'm making time my love I'm making time


*My apologies if I see to have a short attention span

It occurs to me you see me as part of your shallow plan

So excuse me now if I need a little time to verify

Your identity, it could be one of your sorry lies


Changing faces lines remain the same dishing out your candy coated game

Another moment you're preoccupied such a lonely place where you reside

I'm making time my love I'm making time


Hill of Fools (track 10)

Had I'd known there'd be trouble wouldn't turn my head

Wish I'd seen what's before me like the old one's said

On this hill of fools we speed down but you will end up dead


Oh this rolling stone won't come rolling over me

Oh this rolling stone won't come rolling over me

Cause I'm tired of living all my days

and nights under your authority


All the odds stacked against me careful where I go

Won't drop out till I'm empty wait to overflow

On this hill of fools we speed down but you never outgrow


Freeze (track 11)

There was a costume party on the side of the road I was a little misdirected by the size of the load

But due to loss of obligation was apparently free

I didn't know what was ahead of me

You didn't give me a chance to make a refusal implement your preconceived accusal

Cause you're the kind of person that nobody can turn down

After all this time did you know the bounds?


Blue lights flash at me blind authority Freeze, Freeze

Accusations fly drink filled alibi Freeze, Freeze


I broke my concentration trying not to loose my head I should be leaving but I end up passing out instead

So due to decadent consumption was just trying to breathe

How could I know what was ahead of me

Add all the consequences to it that are starting to incur when reality's becoming a blur

Cause you're the kind of person that their prejudice indites

When you're high on life in the streets at night


*Throw me down thought you knew I was just the first in view

Wasting time tell your tale guilt runs free, innocence jailed


I'm feeling your intimidation you begin your demonstration

Really got no obligation didn't do the crime


Miles Away (track 12)

You know we live our lives and we pay our bills your hair lays on the windowsill

I need you my love always

You know our days are filled as we chase the lines and all the miles past could not define

I need you my love always


So everyday I find no matter where we are

Together destinations never seem that far

And I feel at home today from miles away


Well I sit back smile and appreciate everything together we create

I need you my love always

Flexibility when we devise to make a change a chance we improvise

I need you my love always


*Not by circumstance come on take a chance

We can't stay long we got another show

Realize our dream we make a perfect team

Using everything we know

All "Dirty Water " songs copyright and published 2000/2001 Mercy Creek, LLC. All rights reserved


 "Storm Has Blown Over" 2002


Can We Talk( track 1)

Laying down right across your lap you keep telling me it will happen all at once

The way you laugh on the telephone makes me think that it won't be long for us, be long for us


Can we talk for a minute

If we leave it to ourselves

Will our world have anything in it

Would you blame somebody else


Thought it all would stay together saying things we never will know all it does

Answers knocking at your front door all the things your looking for it always was, it always was


*It might be just another phase I know it's going on for days

Your eyes light up and start to glaze it's driving me wild


Outside the Line (track 2)

Going home it's been about 11 days been alone thinking whether not I should stay

Late last night outside of the corner store wasting time wondering if there ain't nothing more

And now you're picking up all the broken glass around you after the fight

And now you're hoping you're past is miles back behind you after last night


Well I know it's gonna work this time

Yea I know it's gonna work this time

Don't know what you will find there when you think outside the line

Outside the line


Regret all of the circumstances you display all your friends one by one fade away

Can't take back all the images that you have seen always feeling like you're somewhere in between

And now you're picking up all the broken glass around you after the win

And now you're hoping you're past is miles back behind you from the places you've been


Closer (track 3)

All my searching never got me very far and I see my reflection standing in the dark

And all the things we left behind when it was up to you

Well I know just what you're saying but I haven't got a clue


Hold you closer, closer in my arms now


On our way to Reno gambling for the chance

All these odds stacked up against you, you made you're final stance

And all the trails we left behind it's never been the same

Well I know all of your secrets, I don't even know you're name


All the trails we left behind went onto something new

I know everything about you, but I don't know you


Half Way There (track 4)

They tried to tie you down take all your energy you made your own direction and your destiny

So you chose a path not many others do don't want no one to be in control of you


No one said that it was gonna be fair

You know you're half way there, you're only half way there


You know you're out of luck you're on a losing streak going against the grain on a one way street

You know you'll make it through right out the other side you'll be so glad you did all you can do is try


*I can't believe you made it this far you should be happy

So many places left for you to go

It's all a game you're taking a chance, there's no guarantee

There is always room to grow


Holding Onto Me (track 5)

Once a life time someone comes around nothing like it you have ever found

Love is not an easy thing to show, I know chase me down and never let me go


Keep holding onto me


Can't believe you're right before my eyes better than I ever fantasized

Universe is knocking at our door, I'm sure always leave me asking you for more


*Everything I want, everything I want

Could not ask for more, for more


Hypnotized (track 6)

I nearly walked right past the second door that led me right back to the one before

Tell me where would you expect to be when you are led around by your fantasy

I know that I, I've been hypnotized


Darlin' don't you look pretty

Let me hold your hand

Take you round this city

You gotta get it while you can, you gotta get it while you can.


Say you're in the scene you're underground know more than anybody else about this town

I can show you around if you are free you can relax and leave it up to me

I know that I, I've been hypnotized


The beautiful things that you surround I know that nothing else like it has been found

In the space between the broken lines the pressure builds and you're running out of time

I know that I, I've been hypnotized


Storm Has Blown Over ( track 7)

This one really kept me up all night know you're tired of that same old fight

Can't keep ripping out your tender core or you won't be around anymore, be around anymore


Storm has blown over we're both all right

It's time to move on with the rest of our lives

We won't spend it fighting that's just wasting time

That's just wasting time


Didn't know what I was doing wrong told myself that for way too long

Hiding under a shadow of guilt tearing down everything we have built, everything we have built


*Need to know, need to know how I feel


Stain ( track 8)

Say that you'll be fine over the back line won't let it impair

Emotions colder now that it's over act like you don't care it must hurt a little


Always wanted more now it's time to settle the score

Where to place the blame tell yourself it won't stain

But it must hurt a little


Feelings amplify trapping you in by fencing in your mind

Never delaying confusions playing always on rewind it must hurt a little


*Are you strong enough to admit it? If not only to yourself

You can change if you're committed

Be unlike anything else


Silent (track 9)

Lie in bed lie awake waiting for the sun to break

Evening shadows dissipate I trust that you slept well again


You're always, always, always, always looking for a show

Stuck in situations that you never will outgrow

You're silent for a moment

Long enough to hear me say too bad it had to end this way


On our own no time to spare I'm going home would you meet me there?

Another night you're unaware I trust that you slept well again


*Though you were my first love, first love know you're not the last

Just in time to see love, see love me as I walk past


4th of July (track 10)

Knew I had you when you walked through that door night is young so get ready to explore

Come on fast come on strong feel so good so tell me why is it wrong


On the sidewalk lighting the fire

Come and save me 4th of July on the sidewalk


No one told us that they knew we were gone strolled back in pretending nothing was wrong

Raised our glasses ordered another two save it sister he ain't talking to you


*Feeling something think it's nothing looking for the way to go

All songs Nystrom/Ball

All "Storm Has Blown Over" songs copyright and published 2002/2003 Mercy Creek, LLC. All rights reserved



"Bonfire of Vanities" 2005


Born to Rock (track 1)

Wasting daylight in the shopping mall

Interrupted by your cell phone call

Oh baby I wish that did it for me, yeah for me


Your only talent is the clothes you wear

A world around you but you don't care

Oh baby I wish that did it for me


I am living life on the road

Not just doing what I've been told

Cause I was born to rock-n-roll


You're thirty-seven sounding like you're twelve

Play the game or you're put on the shelf

Oh baby I wish that did it for me


Another city just another day

I can't imagine any other way

Oh babe you know that's what does it for me, yeah for me


Turn to Rain ( track 2)

Drowning in my own lifestyle lately I tell myself I'll

Jump on the first train that will take me away

Somehow I end up staying can't beat the rent I'm paying

And all the friends that I made along the way


Nothing is as bad as it

Seems to be at the moment

Sunshine won't always turn to rain


Sometimes I take for granted all the things I've been handed

Should have been grateful and it's changing today


Ready or Not ( track 3)

This time you took off running boy you scared me half to death

You know I swore that you would know by now

Oh I thought our life to you was more than second best

You know I swore that you would know by now

Guess I thought that you would know by now


How did you forget that our lives are on this bet

And it's always just a choice we make

But before you jump aside look around you have arrived

Opportunity is yours so take it


Ready or not don't pretend you forgot

That you promised me the world


So you're coming back today I'll thank my lucky stars

And wait for you to leave it all again

I am still in disbelief that you took it all this far so go ahead

Leave it all again, one more time leave it all again


Freedom ( track 4)

Here I am trying to reign my soul back in, back in

I feel coldness pressing on my skin, back in

When the music starts to play the beauty is revealed

Another night another day with you out on the field


Dance in whiteness of the clouds and never leave the ground

Beating drums of freedom and it's freedom that we found

Oh you'll never see me go to pieces I won't loose my head

But if I do than lay my bones beside the river bed


Catch my breath and catch myself a dream, a dream

Load is getting lighter than it seems, a dream

Tonight we lay our heads beneath a canopy of stars

Don't matter what they say when you are happy who you are


Treasure ( track 5)

Treasure everywhere you've been

You can't go back there again

Lightning never hits you twice

When it's time to roll the dice


Waiting too long in the traffic line I gotta get on home it's a quarter to nine

Because tonight is gonna be a perfect night great time to be alive

Look around you when you're alone and you notice things on your way home

You can't believe how much the world has grown in full bloom tonight


Sometimes everyone's taken for granted everything in life they work so hard planning

You reach for more but the ground is slanted uphill all your life


Look around you and start to think you gotta live your life just past the brink

It could all be gone before you stop to blink open up your eyes


Summer ( track 6)

Beautiful time lovely weekend at the beach

Sunburn and wine relaxation's within reach

Blow up the tube riding the waves like you've gone crazy

Kick off your shoes loosen your belt get lazy


Finally it's your vacation stop your plans because it's time to

Forget your occupation leave behind the bills

Love the freedom sensation with you long after it's over

I've waited all year for this week it is finally here it's Summer


Watching the tide could have been pulled out of a dream

Come back inside we're serving your favorite ice cream

Cruise through the shops think I will buy myself a key chain

Perfect backdrop for this picture to frame


Leave the Light On ( Track 7)

Walking down the hallway and I saw your face in a photograph

Thinking how we saw so many people and places it makes me laugh

Driving all those midnight miles across the county line trying to stay on track

What you took for granted was the best time of your life and you want it back


Never stop keep right on right on

I will leave the light on light on

Never stop keep right on right on right


Racing through this life we thought that we'd be late but we're right on time, always right on time

Spending all the money that we thought we'd make never made a dime, never made a dime


Take Back the Time ( track 8)

No one knows but a mother standing in the wings wishing she could take his place

But she soon will discover she can't do a thing to try to save him from his own fate


Well you thought that it would pass

But you grew up way to fast

You keep running off the track

 And you just can't take it back

Never can take back the time


No one knows but a love what it's like to wait with the future up in the air

Will we ever recover will we ever be safe nothing matters when your not there


Take It Away ( track 9)

Growing up I never saw it's not about what you gave me

There is always so much more that never was in sight

Does it make you feel good when you rob me of my safety

Take it away, take it away tonight

You're showing me now what you will allow

You're showing me how to live alone


Try to make up for all the times before

 Tell me where you've been

When you come by knocking at my door

Should I let you in, I let you in


In a dessert land and you are looking for a fountain

Did you think coming back here would make everything right

It takes more than one small push to move aside this mountain

Take it away, take it away tonight


I'll Find a Place (Track 10)

I'll find a place it won't be very long

It won't be very long if we leave today


There was a time when the world was fine and you thought you were ahead of the game

Then you turned around and it let you down and there is no one else to blame

I had a dream again last night that always end the same

When you're stuck inside your inner child is getting caught out in the rain


Should have known that it wasn't home until the welcome mat's put down

And it just ain't right how it feels tonight with all the ghosts out in this town

I had a dream again last night that always ends the same

When you're stuck inside your inner child is getting caught out in the rain


Take your own advise listen to what your heart is saying

All songs by Nystrom/Ball

All "Bonfire of Vanities" songs copyright and published 2004/2005 Mercy Creek LLC. All rights reserved


"Another Place to Start" 2008


Lost (Track 1)

Another street sign another way to go

Another place to start

Another week I'm lost on another road

And it is getting dark


Lost I can't take it

Don't know where I want to go


Another replay another winding road

I'll pull off to the side

Find it my own way if I could loose the load

I could enjoy the ride



Walk on Water (Track 2)

You keep on talking at us

Something we all should know

Should we be captivated

Drawn right into your show


Mind games get complicated

When truth leads back to you

Can't tell the fact from fiction

The truth is hard to prove


You don't walk on water baby

Can't go wrong but you sure do try

You don't walk on water baby

Can't keep living with this lie



Good Enough (Track 3)

You never miss a chance to catch my mistakes

I don't have enough of what it takes

Don't try to hold me down cause there is nothing left to hold

You keep moving on till I break


I don't want to make an offer

That will never be good enough for you


I'm not satisfied what this has in store

There is more to life through that door

Don't try to hold me down cause there is nothing left to hold

You keep moving on cause I want more



Green Beans (Track 4)

Green beans mashed potatoes

Collard greens, stewed tomatoes

You'll be sorry when I'm gone

My pots and pans are going with me

I know one day you will miss me

You'll be sorry when I'm gone


Purple clovers Queen Ann's lace

That same old look across you face

You try to make it up when you come home

But all the rainbows in the air

Could never make me start to care

That I think I'd be better off alone

It doesn't matter when you're on your own.


You come in here that sheepish grin

Look like something that cat drug in

And said that we should never be apart

So I'll stay and fix your meal

Another night another deal

That stopped before we had a chance to start

We both agree we had a change of heart


What About Us (Track 5)


What about us you never want to talk about it

It's always easier to glide

When you're along for the ride

What about us you never want to talk about it

Conversations always die

Cause you never want to try

What about us


Can't you see what's right before you

Can't you see that I adore you

Can't you hear me screaming out

What about us


What about us you never want to talk about it

Stopped before it can begin

Cause you never let me in

What about us you never want to talk about it

You know the future's looking dim

Like we're never gonna win

What about us



Cost of Living (Track 6)

Got a story I wanna tell you

About a Mississippi man

Chasing all those pretty girls you know

Was not in his plan

Well they made him such a fool

Playing someone else's game


Well they burned up all his money

Like an old potbelly stove

On Hennessey a big cigar and Armani clothes

Well they made him such a fool

Boy I think it's time to change


Oh this cost of living no it ain't cheap

Spending all your money on gasoline

I am in too deep

Gotta win the lottery


Waiter I'll have another

While you're at it make it two

Your credit card's cut up

There's nothing else you can do

Well they made him such a fool

Boy I think it's time to change



Waited Too Long (Track 7)

With a hat full of feathers

Dreams are right in your range

Life just couldn't get better

And you don't want it to change


You keep holding on

When all hope is gone

How could you go wrong

You waited too long


Let it slip through your fingers

Let it all pass you by

But the feelings still linger

And it still gets you high



Hold on (Track 8)

How long should I wait for this to end

Hold on be on the side that never bends

We keep waiting and deliberating

For the change that never comes

Are we loosing more than we are choosing

When we never know who won

Hold on how long


Momma been so long

Keeping on is getting harder every day

Momma far away

Price I pay is getting larger every day


Momma I can't wait

At this rate I fell I've been here my whole life

Momma who’s to blame

Not the same I'll never get back my old life



Baby It's Not Your Fault (Track9)

Tonight let's have a little fun out on the town

When everything is said and done

Look what you have found

I guess you could be the one

At least for now

When everything iis said and done

Look what you have found


I can't believe that nobody told you

Baby it's not your fault


The tragedy has just begun

No one's around

When everything is said and done

Look what you have found



Fade Away (Track 10)

Another night on the Island as it fades to day

Do I dare break the silence let it fade away

I tried to tell you

Baby the world's in your hands

I tried to tell you but you just won't understand


Fade away thought you'd be king for the day

Fade away thought you'd be ready to change

But I know you were not ready to go


Done the work of a lifetime

Have you had enough

Oh it would be a real crime if you gave it up

Cause I tried to tell you

Baby the world's in your hands

I tried to tell you but you just won't understand


"Make a Memory" 2013


It Only Takes One (track 1)

Does it ever keep you up at night when nobody is asking

Are you ever gonna make it right with all the things you're masking

There's always beauty in a blood red sky when all hope is forsaken

We find an easy way to justify all the things that we have taken


It only takes one, only takes one

I know the change it has begun

It only takes one


This is feeling like a waste of time since everyone stopped caring

You will drive across the great divide a nation that is tearing



Go on Little Child (track 2)

Growing up nothing you had came easy still it all went by too fast

You could have been anything you want to be but you were afraid to ask

And now you're living in denial with a pill made smile because it's easier to blame your past

Growing up nothing you had came easy still it all went by too fast


Go on little child you don't want to stay too long


Just another day need a break in your routine you never thought it'd come to this

Living off neon lights and nicotine looking for someone to fix

And now you're living in denial with a pill made smile but you know that it's a deadly mix

Just another day need a break in the routine never thought it'd come to this


Nothing to Lose (track 3)

So much time spent waiting, waiting in line

Looking back keeps taking, taking up all my time

How much more do we have to miss for you to come around

Takes a whole lot more than this for you to come back down


I think you're so beautiful

Drinking from a cup that's never full

One of these days you're gonna have to choose

You got nothing to win, I got nothing to lose


Everything is broken, broken tonight

No more words unspoken no more silent fights

How much more do we have to miss for you to come around

Takes a whole lot more than this for you to come back down



Decisions (track 4)

Never made my own decisions couldn't make up my own mind

Never had the choice the option wasn't mine

You had all the answers we were never supposed to know

Never wanted independence to grow


Not enough to change my mind will it ever be

Choice to leave it all behind wasn't up to me


Never trust my inhibitions because they always lead me wrong

Someone else made my decisions all along

Do my thoughts account for nothing you don't care what I will say

Cause you always seem to let it slip away


Follow Through (track 5)

For now you've got your fortune you've got your fame

Just look before you notice nobody knows your name

You got your house set up on nice part of town

Just look before you know it no one will notice you're down


Looks like you got everything you wanted to

Just can't seem to find a way to follow through


Can't look behind you cause you're not turning back

It won't be long before your burning bridges collapse

You had your heart set up on just moving on

Just look before you know it no one will notice you're gone


Did You Ever Notice (track 6)

Said did you ever notice anything I do

Said did you ever notice everything is for you

Gotta tell you baby that you never know what I go through


Come in every morning sometimes after two

Slipping in the back door not to bother you

I wonder how you're sleeping bet you're sleeping fine

I go to work all day just to have a place to sleep at night


Getting in this morning minutes after three

Thought you would be worried maybe waiting up for me

But baby you were sleeping you were sleeping fine

I go to work all day giving everything to make it right


Getting in this morning minutes after four

Saw you laying there with dirty clothes over the floor

Oh baby I'll be sleeping, I'll be sleeping fine

I go to work all day it's not much but at least it's mine


Oh No (track 7)

Ran into an old friend from way back when

Talked about things we haven't done since then

Know it all started when the champagne popped

We kept on dancing when the music stopped


Oh no


Caught up in the moment scenes from the past

Guilty conscience screaming this is moving too fast

Take another drink and it will all be fine

We'll wash it all down with a bottle of wine


Nothing's gonna make it right

Give it all for just one night

Hurry up the morning's coming soon

What you gonna do


Slow Down (track 8)

Slow down what's the rush moving faster than most of us

Take it nice and slow you'll find something that you don't know


You could make it nice and easy never change my mind

Trying so hard just to please me sorry I wasted your sorry I wasted your time


Talking we can't hear though your voice was coming nice and clear

Waiting this will pass don't expect this time to move on fast


All Around Me (track 9)

Head under water forgot to swim

Can't seem to beat this tide I'm in

It's all around me touching my face

It's time to leave this drowning place


I don't care whose side you're on

Try to feel it but it's gone

I can't breathe it's all around me it's all around me


Leaving is easy harder to stay

You always let it slip away

The truth is carried out with the sand

You let it pass right through your hands


You're the only person who takes the air I breathe

And one thing's for certain this is drowning me



Waiting for a Perfect Life (track 10)

We toasted our champagne to the things that we've obtained

We were always right there when duty called

But it's not enough for me I want more than you can see

I want everything outside these four walls


How long will I be here waiting for a perfect life

This time that's gone ain't never coming back

What's been given up when you never thought you had enough

And you'll never get a second chance at that


Now I'm looking back and I start seeing all the cracks

And I never noticed that it was wrong

I got a lot of space to fill that you know I never will

You can't Make a Memory after it's gone



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