Mercy Creek is Jim Ball & Cheryl Nystrom Ball

               Aggressive Folk Rock - Earthy Edgy Music     
                    Independent Music  for  Independent  Minds      since 1998

  Based in Virginia, Mercy Creek performs original music they call aggressive folk rock.  Singer/guitarist Cheryl Nystrom Ball and song writing partner/drummer Jim Ball combine elements of modern folk, world beat, rock, and hints of blues and bluegrass to create music that is fresh and unique.  From world beat to folk, the musical styles used in Mercy Creek’s songs are anchored by Cheryl’s beautiful voice and intelligent lyrics.
Mercy Creek has released 8 independent albums and have been a full time performing act since 1998, playing across the country at clubs, festivals, and concerts. 

  Their recordings have charted on radio stations nationally, were used heavily in PlayNetwork’s retail outlet store Eddie Bauer, have been used in nationally syndicated radio shows, and have been played on XM Radio.  Mercy Creek’s 2017 release Back Home is the 7th studio recording with producer Paul Mahern (the band has released 8 albums total, 7 studio albums, and 1 live recording).  

  Production by Mahern on the 12 tracks of Back Home is lush but organic, and blends naturally with singer Cheryl Nystrom Ball’s soulful voice. The band’s signature songs touch themes of home, love, and comfort in a shallow and uncertain world.
  The magical artist/producer relationship Mercy Creek has with Paul Mahern began in 1999 when he recorded their first album, and Mahern has been the band’s mentor, friend, and producer for two decades.  Back Home is the unique and rarely heard result of a band/producer team creating 7 albums together.
  True independent artist, Mercy Creek began writing, recording,  and performing their brand of AAA (Adult Album Alternative) music full time in 1998.  They have independently financed all of their records through constantly touring.  Mercy Creek hit #50 in FMQB’s AAA (Adult Album Alternative) radio charts in 2006, and Mercy Creek recordings continue to receive airplay across the country.
  Paul Mahern of Bloomington, IN has produced and recorded an impressive list of artists including Iggy Pop, John Mellencamp, Over the Rhine, The Fray, and Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.   He is the lead singer for the hard core band Zero Boys, and is a professor at Indiana University.

 "Uplifting and smart Americana from one of Virginia's best bands! Paul Shugrue "Out of the Box" WHRV-FM 

* "Mercy Creek represent a new sound in folk music that instantly grabs your ear and makes you want more. Their sound is infectious.. with Jim's distinct drumming and Cheryl's powerful accompanying lyrics. They were instant favorites of my listeners. Their latest release "Another Place to Start" is one of my top picks for 2009. Barry Graham Host " Acoustic Highway" WHRV-FM 

* "If there is such a thing as perfect folk-rock music, then Mercy Creek comes as close as possible to creating it. Their songs are authentically rootsy without losing that ever-elusive mainstream appeal." Taste Of Triple A 

* "Nystrom is an undeniable star, with a strong expressive voice that swoops around pop choruses and haunts the verses in between, like a burnished and coppery Beth Orton." Washington Examiner 

* "One of the leaders of an aggressive folk rock movement and have been coined 'The White Stripes of Americana'. Their sound blends modern folk with pop, rock, blues and even bluegrass. Nystrom's vocals are raw, uninhibited, intense and sensual." Singer and Musician Magazine 

* # 50 FMQB Radio Charts 2005 - 15 weeks FMQB Top 100 - National radio at commercial- college- XM-Playnetwork

 Recorded Music 

 "name of the record is mercy creek" 1999  "Dirty Water" 2001      "Storm Has Blown Over" 2003  "Bonfire of Vanities" 2004/2005


   "Another Place to Start" 2008   "Live at OBX" 2010     "Make a Memory" 2013   'Back Home" 2017

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