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"Mercy Creek plays new timeless music for the new hard times we’re all facing. Uplifting and smart Americana from one of Virginia’s best bands!"

Paul Shugrue "Out of the Box" WHRV-FM Norfolk, VA 2009


“Mercy Creek represent a new sound in folk music that instantly grabs your ear and makes you want more. Their sound is infectious.. with Jim’s distinct drumming and Cheryl’s powerful accompanying lyrics. They were instant favorites of my listeners. Their latest release “Another Place to Start” is one of my top picks for 2009." Barry Graham Host “ Acoustic Highway” WHRV-FM 2009


~ Recent Mercy Creek airplay with the artists played before and after each Mercy Creek track. How the DJ's play it...

WNKU 105.9 * 89.7 * 104.1 Highland Heights, KY Cincinnati , OH.

* Show 12/27 R.E.M-> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Hobex

* Show 12/12 Bodeans-> Mercy Creek "West of Bluefield" Live at OBX-> Freddy Jones Band

* Show 10/24/11 The Byrds -> Mercy Creek "Take it Away" Bonfire of Vanities -> Van Morrison

* Show 10/17 Warren Haynes -> Mercy Creek "Walk on Water" Another Place to Start - > Eric Clapton

* Show 10/12/11 Shannon McNally -> Alvin Lee -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX

* Show 10/12/11 Wilco -> Mercy Creek "Good Enough" Another Place to Start -> The Freddy Jones Band

* Show 9/30/11 The Waifs -> Mecy Creek "West Of Bluefield" Live at OBX -> Jeb Lo Nichols

* Show 9/28/11 Leslie White -> Mercy Creek "Born To Rock" Bonfire Of Vanities -> Warren Haynes

* Show 9/21/11 Los Lonley Boys -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Old 97's

* Show 9/16 Citizen Cope -> Mercy Creek "West of Bluefield" Live at OBX -> Blue Run

* Show 9/2/11 Friday Morning Requests show - The Kinks -> Mercy Creek "Oh No" Live at OBX -> Jake Speed and The Freddies

* Show 8/29/11 Nickel Creek -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Carolina Chocolate Drops

* Show 8/23/11 Warren Haynes -> Mercy Creek "4th of July" Storm Has Blown Over -> Spoon

* Show 8/19/11 Lucinda Williams -> Mercy Creek "West of Bluefield" Live at OBX -> Ziggy Marley

* Show 8/16/11 The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Brett Dennen

* Show 8/11/11 Zavier Rudd -> Mercy Creek "Shadow Dance" Live at OBX -> Robert Plant

* Show 8/2/11 Robert Plant/ Alison Krause -> Mercy Creek "West of Bluefield" Live at OBX -> John Hiatt

* Show 7/25/11 Paul Simon -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Backyard Tire Fire

* Show 7/20/11 Nickle Creek -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Ben Sollee

* Show 7/14/11 My Morning Jacket -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Madeleine Peyroux

 * Show 7/5/11 John Prine -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX-> Wide Spread Panic

 * Show 6/28/11 My Morning Jacket -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX -> Crowded House

 * Show 6/27/11 Joseph Arthur -> Mercy Creek "Cost of Living" Live at OBX-> Sarah McLachlan

 * Show 6/23/11 Alison Krauss -> Mercy Creek "Summer" Bonfire of Vanities -> Warren Haynes

 * Show 6/21/11 Arcade Fire -> Mercy Creek "Almost" Live at OBX-> Buddy Miller

 * Show 6/02/11 Cindy Bullings -> Mercy Creek "Summer" Bonfire of Vanities -> Tedeschi/Trucks Band

WHRV 89.5 Norfolk, Va.

 * Show "Out of the Box" 6/15/11 Smithereens -> Mercy Creek "Hypnotised" , "Shadow Dance" & "Cost of Living" Live at OBX -> Coldplay

 * Show "Out of the Box" 5/26/11 Jackie Scott The House Wreckers -> Mercy Creek "Oh No" Live at OBX-> Paul Simon

 * Show "Out of the Box" 5/25/11 Black Lips -. Mercy Creek "West of Bluefield" Live at OBX-> Brett Dennen

 * Show "Out of the Box" 5/7/11 Mercy Creek "Hypnotised" Live at OBX-> Bruce Horsnby and the Noise Makers -> Brandi Carlile



FMQB Public Breakout Top 200 April 6, 2005

Position Artist

47 Allison Krauss

48 Crooked Finger

 49 Mark Knopfler


FMQB Public Breakout Top 200 March 30, 2005

Position Artist

 56 Carbon Leaf

57 John Hammond

58 Andrew Bird

59 Pinback

60 Ray Lamontagne


June 2005 - Commercial radio ADDS at WEBK - Killington Vermont; KTAO - Taos/Santa Fe New Mexico; WRNX - , MA KPIG - Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cuz/San Luis Obispo, CA

"Bonfire of Vanities" is XM Radio's featured artist Friday May 20, 2005. Listen for free for3 days by signing up (limited offer) at Channel XM 52!

4/28/05: Eddie Bauer stores nationally will be featuring the song "Summer" as part of the PLAY Network's music service to the stores.

4/12/05: Mercy Creek is now set to enter a nationwide distribution deal with Redeye USA. The street date has been set for June 14, 2005. "Bonfire of Vanities" will be available nationwide at notable chains such as Best Buy, Borders, Tower, and more. Redeye will also be the digital distributor of the entire Mercy Creek 4 album catalogue. All albums are currently available at digital sites such as I-tunes for legal downloading.

4/10/05: On the road from Indiana...We finally got to see Over the Rhine on our way back east via Rt a stop in Dayton. Paul Mahern, who has also produced material for O.T. R., was running sound. They are a splendid act, and Paul had them sounding great. It's always a pleasure to see Paul, and a musical treat to see O.T.R. the night after playing with V.O.L.

4/9/05: The Timmy Foundation On the road to Indiana We had the pleasure of playing a Timmy Foundation event with V.O.L. in Indiana, and it's a great organiazation to get involved with...check them out at Assisting children thruout the world with health care is the primary goal of the organization. Thanks to Jeff, Dr. Chuck, and all the folks involved in the show at Radio-Radio, and many thanks for making Mercy Creek a part of the event. It was a true honor to open for V.O.L. and to be a part of such an important event.

4/6/05: Sixth solid week at radio for "Bonfire of Vanities". Mercy Creek climbed to position # 50 on FMQB's Breakout Chart.

3/15/05: Third solid week at radio for "Bonfire of Vanities". Mercy Creek climbed to position # 80 on FMQB's Breakout Chart.

3/8/05: Second solid week at radio for "Bonfire of Vanities". Mercy Creek continued to gain on FMQB's Breakout Chart climbing to # 111. A combined 72 AAA and College stations have added the record. Our thanks to following stations for playing our music!

3/3/05: First week at radio earns Mercy Creek a debut in FMQB's Breakout Chart at # 129.

KASF (Alamosa, CO) #28 CMJ - KAXE (Grand Rapids, MN) - KIDE (Hoopa, CA) #26 CMJ - KMSM (Butte, MT) #28 CMJ - KMXT (Kodiak, AK) #28 CMJ - KTOO (Juneau, AK) #10 CMJ - KUTE (Salt Lake City, UT) #16 CMJ, - KZRC (Bay City, TX) - WFHB (Bloomington, IN) #25 CMJ - WOLV (Houghton, MI) - WQNR (Auburn, AL) - WALT (Davidson, NC) KKSM (San Marcos, CA) KMNR (Rolla, MO) KPUR (Forest Grove, OR) #39 CMJ - KUMD (Duluth, MN) - WNKU (Highland Heights, KY) - WPMD (Norwalk, CA) - KASF (Almosa, Ca) - KHNS (Haines AK) - WDTS (Georgetown, DE) - WHRW (Binghamton, NY) KKCR (Princeville, HI) - KKFI (Kansas City, MO) - KMSU (Mankato, MN) - KRCL (Salt Lake City, UT) - KUNI (Cedar Falls, IA) KVNF (Paonia, CO) - KWVA (Eugene, OR) - KXUL (Monroe, LA) - KXZY (Stillwater, OK) - WBAI (New York, NY) - WCBE (Columbus, OH) - WDTS (Georgetown, DE) CMJ Add - WECI (Richmond, IN) - WERU (E. Orland, ME) - WFWM (Frostburg, MD) - WHFC (Bel Air, MD) - WMPG (Portland, ME) - WNCW (Spindale, NC) WOWL (Boca Raton, FL) - WPUB (New York, NY) WTCC (Springfield, MA) - WWUH (W. Hartford, CT) - WWVU (Morgantown, WV) - KABF (Little Rock, AK) - KAOS (Olympia, WA) - KBSU (Bosie ID) - KDNK (Carbondale, CO - KDUP (Portland, OR) - KFAI (Minneapolis, MN) - KNBA (Anchorage, AK) - KOTO (Telluride, CO) - KRCX (Denver, CO) CMJ - KRTU (San Antonio, TX) - KRVS (Lafayette, LA) - KSAU (Nacogdoches, TX) - KSMC (Moraga, CA) - KSMF (Ashland, OR) - KSVR (Mt. Vernon, WA) - KSYM (San Antonio, TX) - KTEK (Soccoro, NM) - KURA (Ouray, CO) - KWCW (Walla Walla, WA) - WBZC (Pemberton, NJ) - WERW (Syracuse, NY) - WGCC (Batavia, NY) - WHRV (Norfolk, VA) - WHRW (Binghamton, NY) - WLUR (Lexington, VA) - WMSV (Millersville, MS) - WORT (Madison, WI) - WSFR (Boston, MA) - WSND (Notre Dame, IN) - WUSB (Centereach, NY) - WVYC (York, PA) - WWEC (Elizabethtown, PA) - WYCE (Grand Rapids, MI) - WZLY (Wellesley, MA)

Don't forget! 3/13/05 Mercy Creek in studio performance on The BOB 93.7 FM Norfolk, Va with Hunter Hughes on "Sunrise". Time - Sunday Morning @ 9:15 am.

1/29/05  Digital Distribution Deal: Mercy Creek has entered a digital distribution deal with Redeye Distribution, placing the entire Mercy Creek catalogue on many major web digital download sites. The partial list follows: Itunes, and iTunes international, Napster and Napster international, MusicMatch, Real/Rhapsody, MusicNet (AOL, Virgin), MusicNow (Circuit City), EMusic, Audio Lunchbox, MSN, Sony Connect, Loudeye (ATT wireless, OD2 Europe), Puretracks(Canada), and Download Punk. We're looking forward to having our music accessible for the digital age. Sites will begin to carry our music for downloading with March 22nd as the digital "Street date".

2/12/05 Airing from Reading England Mark Watkins Music Show at Blast 1386 - click on the listen button.

New Double CD "Bonfire of Vanities"

  Mercy Creek's 4th recording "Bonfire of Vanities" is now available. The double Cd features the first ever recording of the band as a 2 piece in addition to a new studio album. The studio album features 10 new Mercy Creek songs, recorded in Bloomington, In. and produced by Paul Mahern. The live cd was recorded on July 19, 2004 at Echo Park Studios. We are excited to be able to create an album that features both our live sound and our more formal produced sound in the form a double cd set.

  Featuring 10 new fully produced songs, including Born to Rock, Ready or Not, Turn to Rain, Summer, and more, studio tracks were recorded during the first few months of 2004. The 2nd Cd of live in studio tracks features Mercy Creek favorites Match and Conversation, Sparked Fire, Shadow Dance, Hill of Fools, Almost and more. You can get pre-release samples of music on the "Bonfire of Vanities" release by downloading "Summer" from the 'Free MP3's' page on this web site, or by purchasing the 3 song EP, "Before the Fire" (only available at shows).

  Working with PaulMahern at the wonderfully vibed Echo Park Studios, the double cd release "Bonfire of Vanities" explores some of the best songs we feel we've ever written, combined with our hardest hitting recording. This record offers the first recording of what Mercy Creek does as a live act on one cd, and explores the music of a new studio album with another. Groove to the stripped down guitar/drums road hardened sound that Mercy Creek has developed from years of touring, and also enjoy what we feel will be our best studio album to date.

"Bonfire of Vanities" will be released nationally to radio and press in 2005.

July 12, 2004 Mercy Creek performs for WNKU's Studio 89, syndicated for both radio and TV on Kentucky Educational TV, and WNKU streaming. What a great opportunity and pleasure to work with the folks at WNKU to help bring Mercy Creek to audiences live in Cincinnati and across the state of Kentucky. The show was broadcast live on air during the evening of July 12th, and streamed on the Internet. The show was also filmed to be broadcast on Kentucky Educational TV later this Fall across the state.

Mercy Creek places 2nd in Virginia Music Awards for "Acoustic

Folk Artist of the Year". Many thanks to the readers of Ninevolt magazine in eastern and central Virginia who honored us with this award. Thanks for the recognition of our music and in pushing the big picture of music in the state of Virginia!

  The enlightened concept Ninevolt lays out is that Virginia Music is a resource and treasure for our state and it's residents. It's something that the people, the businesses, and the state government should recognize as a valuable resource. Many thanks to all of you who already do exactly that, and to Ninevolt for the support of Virginia music.
see the feb 04 issue of Ninevolt or on the web for more details and all the winners/categories.

Airwaves Across the Country

Triplearadio Sampler 8 "Match and A Conversation" at radio Jan 30, 2004!

Triplearadio Sampler 4 Hypnotized" at radio September 28, 2003!

MD's who need product for radio service please contact us at Are you playing Mercy Creek and not listed here? Please let us know.

WNKU Studio 89 July 2004 Live performance on WNKU's Studio 89. Big Fun! Soon to be broadcast on Kentucky Educational TV.

KPND Sandpoint, Idaho Thanks to commercial AAA KPND for adding Mercy Creek's "Hypnotized" in rotation, February 2004. Now hold the honor of being the first commercial AAA station to add Mercy Creek to rotation.

WKZE 98.1 FM Sharon. CT "Off the Beaten Track Radio" reaching counties in the NY/CT/MASS On the Internet

WMSV-FM Starkville, Mississippi thanks for adding "Match and a Conversation" Feb 04!

Mercy Creek on Television 2004

The following television stations will air Mercy Creek live at the Canal Club Richmond, Va, taped by our good Virginia supporters, WCVE "The Community Idea Station". Look for "The Music Scene" in 2004 on ARKA Conway, AR. - KBDI Denver, CO. - KCWC Riverton, WY. - KRSC Claremore, Ok. - KSPS Spokane, WA. - KVCR San Bernardino, CA. - KWBU Waco, TX. - KWSU Pullman, WA. WBGU Bowling Green, Oh. - WCVE Richmond, Va. - WDCQ University Center, MI. - WEIU Charlston, Il. - WGTE Poledo, Oh. - WHRO Norfolk, Va. - WLVT Bethlehem, Pa. - WNED Bullalo, Ny. - WNMU Marquette, Mi. - WNPT Nashville, Tenn. - WNVC Falls Church, Va. WPBA Atlanta, Ga. WPBS Watertown, NY. - WQED Pittsburg, Pa. - WTCI Chattanooga, Tenn. - WTVI Chrlotte, NC. - WTVS Detriot,Mi.- WUSF Tampa, Fla. - WYCC Chicago, Il.

A special thank you to WCVE(the Community Idea Stations), Mason Mills, Plan 9 Records, The Canal Club, Starr Hill Music Hall, and the Community of Virginia for helping us spread the word about Mercy Creek to others across the country!

Radio Supporters of "Storm Has Blown Over" 2003/2004

  Streams good music to you based on your tastes. This company is breaking ground as a unique radio Internet force, creating a new trend in the music industry. Recently have added Mercy Creek to their playlist as a featured artist under folk! Listen and join

XM Radio: on the web at

  Thanks to the XM folks for 2 years of support! Coming to new cars, old cars, homes and more by the million. Check out Billy Zero on channel 52, Unsigned, and Channel 45, XM Cafe.

WTMD 89.7 FM on the web

  Washington, DC area: on the web. This is a great station, reminding more than a few people of the good old days of radio in Washington DC area with the original WHFS. Upper Washington, Dc. up thru Baltimore this station comes to your car at 89.7 FM and has a nice 60 mile plus coverage area. Picked as one of the "best new things about the Washington, Dc area".

KXCI 91.3 FM on the web at www.KXCI.ORG

  Tuscon, Arizona area: KXCI 91.3 FM and on the Web. Great station with @ a 60 mile coverage.

KAXE 91.7 FM on the web at www.KAXE.ORG

  Grand Rapids, MN area hits @ 60 mile radius with great Triple-A format.

WNKU 89.7 FM on the Web WWW.WNKU.ORG(streams)

  Kentucky/Ohio Cincinnati area: This Triple-A station delivers great music and Mercy Creek is especially grateful to them, as this station became the 1st Non-Comm station to officially add us to rotation! Thanks Guys! We also had the pleasure of performing in studio for these folks. Another great station to hear real music and new artists. Streams to your home and office!

WNCW 88.7 FM on the web WWW.WNCW.ORG (streams)

  Asheville, NC area: Another breath of fresh air in a very cool and artistic area of the country. Available to your home and office by streaming.

WYSO FM on the web WWW.WYSO.ORG(streams)

  Dayton, Ohio area: @ 50 miles of FM Triple-A music. Great Triple-A format that streams to your home and office.

*WKOC 93.7 FM sadly this station has been axed, much to the dismay of many many folks we meet from Nags Head to Norfolk, Va. beach, and beyond. Thanks to the Coast and staff for many great years of music in the coast of Va. and Nc. Good news is that a new AAA station will begin broadcasting soon in the stay tuned for updates.  Our thanks to The Coast and to Hunter Hughes for supporting us on "Sunrise on the Coast", where we had the pleasure of performing recently on a bright Sunday morning overlooking the harbor in Norfolk, Va. A nice range from Norfolk, Va. to the Outer Banks, and as far west as Richmond, Va.


  Grand Rapids, MN area, great Triple-A music and streaming to home and office.

WMFO 91.5 FM and on the web WWW.WMFO.ORG(streams)

  Boston, Ma area covering the city with Triple-A and college music. Streams to the home and office.

KDNK FM 90.5 - 88.3 - 100.1 on the web at

  Carbondale, Colorado area, this cool station is close to Aspen and hooked up to solar power!...really.. Thanks to Dr. Naft and DJ Flash. Mercy Creek had the pleasure of performing for these folks in studio.

WMKY FM on the web at

  Moorehead, Ky area, great music and long tradition of supporting breaking artists.

KUWR FM on the web

  Laramie/Cheyenne, WY area helping spread Mercy Creek to the Rockies.

KVNF FM on the web at

  Paonia, Colorado area, west of Denver in the beautiful Rockies.

WVOD 99.1 FM on the web at

  Thanks to "The Sound" for their support. A great triple a station reaching the Outer Banks thru Elizabeth City, NC.

WOBR 95.3 FM

  Thanks to Frankie and Studio C for having us at the station and playing us! Check her out on Sundays at 10:00 Pm on the Outer Banks, NC.

102.1 FM The X on the web at

  Thanks to Richmond, Va. and Jay Smack at The X for his support for Mercy Creek on Studio B

  KSER 90.7 FM

  Seattle, Washington, our thanks to Jennifer for the play on the west coast on The Sunlit Room!


Thanks to George for play on The Electric Croude in Richmond, Va.

PBS WCVE TVand WCVE FM , The Community Idea Station

  Our thanks to Mason and the crew at WCVE TV Richmond for continued support of Virginia music, and for featuring Mercy Creek live at Canal Club on PBS TV "The Music Scene"!

The Fox 99.3 FM

  Broadcasting out of Winchester, Va. our thanks to Elwood for the Sunday night spins!


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